Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarms team prides ourselves in providing the best possible commercial security systems using non-proprietary commercial security products from the industry leaders. Many alarm installation companies choose to sell and service products available to only them in their market. Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC considers this bad business on their part when they lock in a customer like that. We believe in keeping clients by treating them right and servicing them properly, not by limiting who can work on the equipment we install. Our experienced, professionally trained, service staff along with infield manufacturers support and 24/7 direct manufacture access ensures continued quality performance throughout the life of the security equipment, offering the lowest cost of ownership available. We are not driven by high pressure commissioned sales people looking for a quick sale, we believe in long-term business relationships built on results, reliability, outstanding service, quality installation, and 3-year warranty. Ask about our analytic products with 3-year advance replacement warranty and extended service agreements

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commercial, municipal, industrial, education security systems integrator. Video Surveillance, video analytics systems, town-wide and campus wide wireless video surveillance, access control, alarms, door entry intercoms and more looking for commercial security systems. We offer many price points and solutions from entry level to cutting edge technology

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